Good news for Flaxland Allotments!

2011 Hydref 22 10:18 AM
Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden at Flaxland Allotments

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden have secured improvements at Flaxland Allotments.

The Gabalfa Liberal Democrat Focus Team has welcomed news that Flaxland Allotments will receive a major upgrade - as well as accommodating a new home for a local doctors' surgery.

For several years, there has been confusion over the future of the allotments. A large section of the land suffers from contamination and has been unusable for allotment space. Cardiff's Lib Dem council has always wanted to being the land back into use - unlike local Tories, who called for the land to be concreted over for a car park!

It has now been agreed that a small section of the allotments will be used for the development of the new Whitchurch Road doctors' surgery. The money will allow for a major decontamination programme, meaning a net gain of around 28 allotment plots at the site.

How the Focus Team reported the Tory threat to Flaxland Allotments back in 2008

How the Focus Team reported on the Tory threat to our allotments back in 2008.

Cllr. Ed Bridges said: "This is a major breakthrough. If this deal is approved, we will see more allotment space in use, as well as getting a first-class medical centre for our community. A far better solution than concreting over the land like the Tories wanted!"

Local campaigner Gareth Holden has an allotment at the site. He told us: "This move has been supported in principle by the Allotment Association, because we can see the benefits of having more plots at the site. The council have also pledged to invest in facilities at the allotments, which is very welcome. It's a commonsense solution, and I'm pleased the council have listened to our comments and will be improving facilities such as the fencing around the allotment site."

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