No news is good news - delay over Talybont Gate student flats decision

2011 Tachwedd 16 4:39 PM
Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden at Talybont

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden have been representing resident over plans for new flats at Talybont Gate,

The Gabalfa Focus Team have cautiously welcomed a stay of execution for residents over plans for a new seven-storey block of 179 student flats at Talybont Court.

The application by Cardiff Universityfor the block on the overflow car park near to McDonald's was considered earlier today by Cardiff Council's Planning Committee.

Cllr. Ed Bridges attended the meeting to explain the concern of local residents about the plans. He said: "The Committee have taken the decision to conduct a site visit so they can see first-hand the scale of what is being proposed here. In the meantime, we have asked Cardiff Council to add more resident-only spaces around Cross Place and Herbert Street to tackle local parking congestion. We will push for action prior to any new flats being built".

Many residents will be disappointed to learn that our Labour AM made no objection to the proposals within the application deadline, instead submitting only a brief objection at the last minute.

Local student, Gareth Holden, said: "Our Labour AM and Labour candidates may claim to be opposed to these plans, but not for the first time it was left to the Lib Dem Focus Team to ensure that the views of residents were properly represented."

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