Concern over student flats plans for Cross Place

April 3, 2011 6:23 PM
Cllr. Ed Bridges by Millbank House, Cross Place.

Cllr. Ed Bridges and his Lib Dem colleagues are concerned about plans for a block of 23 student flats on Cross Place in Maindy.

Liberal Democrats in the Maindy area have expressed their concern about proposals for a new block of student flats in the area.

A planning application (ref: 11/507/DCI) is seeking permission to redevelop Millbank House on Cross Place. The application would see the demolition of the existing structure and the construction in its place of a three-storey block of 23 student flats at the site. The adjacent Wrought Iron Centre would remain in its current form.

Local Lib Dem Assembly candidate, Matt Smith, said: "I understand and share the concerns of residents about the scale of what is being proposed. I know from speaking to local residents that there are already considerable problems with the existing student flats at Talybont, and people have major concerns over the parking implications of the new proposed block."

Local councillor, Ed Bridges, added: "I will be holding a special surgery this coming Friday (8th April), 5.30-6.30pm at St. Mark's Church, North Road. This will give residents a chance to see the proposals and for us to start the work of opposing this scheme."

In the meantime, any resident wanting to make a representation about the application should send their comments to the Chief Regulatory Services Officer, City Hall, Cardiff, CF10 3ND, or by e-mail to, quoting the reference number above. Be sure to send a cop of any correspondence to the local Lib Dem Focus Team so they can reinforce your comments when they make my own submission.

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