Maitland Park - plans unveiled for park improvements

April 22, 2011 11:09 AM

Following a dialogue with local residents and park users earlier in the year, Gabalfa's Liberal Democrat Focus Team have now agreed with Cardiff Council's Parks Department the improvements which will be made to Maitland Park.

Back in February, Cllr. Ed Bridges held a community meeting so that residents could make suggestions about how the park might be improved. This followed an announcement that Cardiff Council would be spending some £70,000 on the site - money which had come from various nearby developments to improve open space provision.

Ideas and suggestions for the park included more and better facilities for older children, as well as play equipment at the northern end of the park and improved seating near the existing playground. Residents also had ideas around for new plants and trees in the park.

Cllr. Ed Bridges said: "It was very useful to hear people's suggestions, and this gave me plenty of ideas to discuss with the Parks Department. They have now agreed a set of plans for the park which will take forward as many of these suggestions as possible within the budget available."

Over the coming months, the park will see:

Local resident, Gareth Holden, said: "It's good to see the Council investing in our green spaces. The new games area is much-needed as there isn't much for older kids to do in the park, and the tarmac area currently doesn't look very appealing."

Cllr. Cathy Pearcy added: "Residents had different views about whether an avenue of trees by the path would be a good idea or not. Ultimately, the decision was a pragmatic one - the existing trees overhang the lane and make it difficult for larger vehicles to drive past. Instead of replacing the trees on that side, the Council will plant new ones on the other side of the path, and we'll have flowerbeds by the lane instead. This will keep the park looking attractive, and hopefully the drawings from the Council help to give an idea of how it will look."

To see the full plans for the park, contact Cllr. Ed Bridges.

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