Penylan Rd/Colchester Ave junction safety campaign

Liberal Democrat councillors in Penylan have launched a campaign to speed up improvements at a busy road junction.

With huge housing developments taking place in the north of Cardiff, they are concerned that the burden of additional traffic will be carried by Penylan residents. There could therefore be particular pressure on key junctions, such as the one between Penylan Road and Colchester Avenue.

“We need to make it easier for more people to travel on foot or bike, instead of by car.” said Cllr Asghar Javed Ali. “But this won’t happen if people are worried at junctions like this. The council must bring forward plans to sort out this dangerous spot."


Sign our petition and join the campaign

I/we the undersigned call on Cardiff Council to accelerate plans to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists at the junction of Penylan Road and Colchester Avenue.

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