♥ Whitchurch Road

Local campaigner, Rhys Taylor, is launching a campaign to promote the wonderful array of local businesses on Whitchurch Road and to call for more to be done to support them. 


Rhys said: "I’m sure you’ll agree that Whitchurch Road is a great asset for our community. 

Whilst small shopping areas are diminishing, Whitchurch Road keeps going strong – as it should. At the heart of Gabalfa we have a vibrant and bustling community providing a place for people to eat, meet and shop.

I think it’s time for Whitchurch Road to get the attention and investment it deserves, which is why I’ve decided to launch the ♥ Whitchurch Road campaign, and I hope you’ll join me."

Rhys is calling for;

  • A proactive approach to keeping our streets and lanes clean
  • Business parking to support local business owners
  • Investment in our local businesses and local economy
49 signatures

Will you sign?