'Corbyn has turned his back on Remain voters' - Eluned Parrott

As Jeremy Corbyn visits Cardiff, the local Liberal Democrats have accused him and his Labour party of turning their backs on the city's Remain voters and others who want to stay in the Single Market.

Corbyn has already ruled out backing a referendum on the terms of Brexit, which means if he wins the election the final decision will be left in the hands of politicians.

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Cardiff's former Welsh Liberal Democrat AM Eluned Parrott said:
“Jeremy Corbyn has shown himself more than willing to back the Tories as they pursue a hard, destructive Brexit. He even ordered his MPs to troop through the division lobbies behind Theresa May, and not one of Cardiff's Labour MPs voted against her hard Brexit timetable.

“By denying the people a vote on the final Brexit deal, Jeremy Corbyn is not only turning his back on the thousands of people in Cardiff and across Wales who voted Remain, but also those people who voted leave but clearly want us to stay in the Single Market.

“He is betraying the millions of former Labour voters who strongly reject Theresa May’s hard-right Brexit plan. They deserve a vote on the final deal that the Tories come back with, and it's clear now only the Lib Dems will fight to give it to them.

“The Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to this Tory Brexit government.”

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