“Food Waste shambles threatens state of city’s streets” - Parrott

Eluned Parrott AM has used questions in the National Assembly to raise concerns regarding Cardiff Council’s failing waste collection and recycling system, following complaints from residents about the lack of food bags available across the city.

Cardiff Council’s own HQ, County Hall, hasn’t stocked the bags since last year and many other stockists including libraries, leisure centres and corner shops have run out.  Additionally, household recycling centres in the city will not recycle food waste. 


Eluned Parrott AM said:

“The shambles surrounding food waste recycling in Cardiff could have long-term implications if it isn’t tackled immediately.

“If residents aren’t able to properly recycle their food waste, it is inevitable that they will put food into their general household waste.  In areas of Cardiff that don’t have wheelie bins, this attracts vermin, which rip the bags to get at the contents and spread foul food waste across our city’s streets.

“The reputation of Cardiff as an attractive place to live, work and visit – and therefore its ability to attract the day-visitors, tourists and investors who bring jobs – is seriously threatened by our council’s continued failure to get to grips with the state of our streets. 

“If people are unable to recycle their food waste because of the failures of their council, they will get out of the habit and the damage will be done.  I’ve had many complaints from tourism businesses in Cardiff who are dismayed by the impact our dirty streets are having on their business.

“Given the Labour-run Cardiff Council is falling short of its recycling targets and risking costing local taxpayers a lot of money in fines, it should be doing everything in its power to encourage residents to recycle.

“It is a crying shame to see our beautiful capital city covered in litter like this.  I’ve asked the Minister for Natural Resources in the Welsh Government to investigate these failings and I’m grateful that he has agreed to do so.” 

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