Approved LDP shows Cardiff’s Labour Council is out of touch

It was today revealed that Cardiff’s Local Development Plan has been approved by the Welsh Inspector, clearing the way for the Churchland’s Development in Lisvane, and the construction of more than 13,000 new homes on Green Belt sites.


Despite repeated objections from local residents, the Labour-run Cardiff Council have stuck with this development plan with no consideration as to the necessary infrastructure to support all these houses.

 Eluned Parrott, Regional Assembly Member for South Wales Central commented:

“Cardiff needs a fully integrated local development plan. There is no point in building an additional 45,000 homes, if there is no clear plan of how residents of these homes will move around the city, use public services and find jobs.

“Our roads are already badly congested and without a clear public transport plan this will make the situation worse. Our Sewer and water drainage system is already at capacity.

“Cardiff needs new homes for people to live in, but you can’t just build houses without thinking about everything else that comes with them; schools, parks, shops and transport.

“During the consultation I submitted many ideas for what could be done differently. A Lib Dem vision for the future of Cardiff would see the expansion of the green belt to protect Llanishen Reservoir and turn it into a nature reserve, and increased cross-border collaboration with neighbouring local authorities to ensure Cardiff retains Green spaces but houses can still be built.

“I was disappointed to see that the LDP is not what local residents wanted, and is yet another out of touch plan from an out of touch council.”

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