Back the Lib Dem Alternative Budget

For the fourth year running Labour have broken their promise to keep Council Tax rises below 2%, proposing an increase of nearly double that.

The Lib Dem Alternative Budget will give Labour one last chance to keep their Council Tax promise, while also investing in key services neglected for years by Labour:

  • An extra £1million to fix our roads and pavements
  • Over £200,000 for 8 new community sweepers to keep our streets clean
  • An extra £1million to invest in our libraries, including re-opening the original Roath Library
  • Stopping Labour plans to halve the alleygating budget

Two years ago, Labour struggled to pass their budget with a majority of 13 councillors. Now that majority is just five, we could force Labour to think again on their spending plans.

Please add your name below and back the Lib Dem Alternative Budget today.

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