Bus Station Fiasco

Cardiff Liberal Democrats condemn the neglect of public transport in Cardiff, following cuts to bus services and the ongoing failure of the council to re-build the central bus station.

The staggering incompetence in the way the council’s Labour leaders have handled the bus station project is unbelievable.

Plans were initially being drawn up for a new bus station by the council administration which I and the Liberal Democrats led between 2004 and 2012. We left office in 2012 with a funded plan in place – all that was required then was to acquire the site of the former NCP car park in Wood Street. We knew that might take some time, but nothing like the time we’ve had to wait since.

Labour fought the 2012 council elections in Cardiff calling for the delivery of a new bus station to be speeded up – but they have delivered just the opposite.

Since then, deadline after deadline has been missed and promise after promise has proved worthless. The only thing Labour has delivered to date is the demolition of the old bus station in 2015 – with bus services scattered to the wind around the city centre ever since.

Seven years on from Labour campaigning for the new bus station to be delivered more quickly, and with Labour having been in charge of the council all through that time, we are now hearing it won’t be ready for use for yet another four years. Cardiff’s residents have been very badly let down.

Cllr Joe Boyle, leader of Cardiff’s Lib Dem councilors said: “Good public transport is essential to help reduce congestion on our roads and for protecting the environment, buses are a key part of this, yet the fiasco over the bus station is undermining those running our buses”.

Cllr Rodney Berman, prospective AM commented: “Labour are making lots of promises about the Cardiff Metro improving trains and bus routes in Cardiff which are needed, but if they can’t build a single bus station in 10 years, what are the chances they can deliver?”

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