Cardiff Lib Dems warn against more of the same from city’s politics 

Cardiff Liberal Democrats will this Thursday (September 24) put a motion to Cardiff Council to establish Cardiff’s first Citizens’ Assembly.

Between Coronavirus, Brexit, and climate breakdown, our world is quickly changing. Our lives, our communities, and our city will have to change to meet those challenges. A Citizens’ Assembly would learn, discuss, and decide on what our ambition should be and what the way forward should be - this could be on any issue from public transport, public spending, social care, our environment, and more.

Commenting Cardiff Liberal Democrat Leaders Cllr Rhys Taylor and Cllr Emma Sandrey said:

“For too many people, things aren’t working the way they should. The coronavirus has not only shone a spotlight on this, it has made things worse, especially for the most vulnerable in our society. 

“If there ever was a time to really listen to people’s lived experiences, their hopes and fears, and their views on what needs to change over the coming years, this is it. From huge challenges to our economy, the threat of climate breakdown, challenges and demands on our health and social care services, there’s plenty to consider.

“People lack trust in politics and politicians, so responding to some of the biggest challenges our capital city will face with more of the same would add insult to injury. We need a new kind of politics, and a Citizens’ Assembly would help achieve that.”

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