'Capital Ambition' must be more than warm words

Cardiff Liberal Democrats will judge the Labour council’s plan on what it delivers for people, not what it promises. 

Commenting ahead of the launch of Cardiff Labour Council's 'Capital Ambition', Cardiff Liberal Democrats say that they will judge the Labour council’s plan on what it delivers for people, not what it promises. 

In 2012, Labour made promises to deliver a new bus station, ensuring that no young people were out of education, employment and training and keeping Council Tax rises below 2%. None were achieved. 

“Labour produce glitzy brochures every twelve months or so. They’re very good at it,” said Cllr Joe Boyle, leader of Cardiff’s Liberal Democrat council group.

“Sadly, the people of Cardiff are always left disappointed.

“Labour’s failure to deliver the city’s new bus station is the biggest example how they have let Cardiff down. Their abject failure has left our roads increasingly choked by congestion, with disastrous impacts for businesses, people’s health and, most seriously, the planet.”

The Lib Dems will support elements of Labour’s plan, but only if certain conditions are met. 

“First of all, we will fight tooth and nail to protect our environment," said Cllr Boyle. "Anything the council does which fails to protect our environment will not get our support. 

“Secondly, we have to start turning warm words about cohesive communities into action. We will demand action on creating powerful communities. Too often over the past five years, be it on waste changes, school places or libraries, residents were ignored and told to like it or lump it. There are groups in our communities desperate to play their part in improving their city and we will be their voice when the council ignores them.

“Finally, we will expose the deep inequality in this city, laid bare by the number of homeless people we see on our streets. Labour has been the dominant party in Cardiff and Wales for decades. For a party that portrays itself as standing up for the poor, the disparities in health, education and employment outcomes shames them. 

“We will therefore judge their ambition on whether it is good for the planet, good for communities and good for those left-behind by decades of Labour negligence.”

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