Cardiff Council refuses again to debate a People's Vote

The Liberal Democrats believe people deserve the final say on Brexit.

By Cllr Joe Boyle, Leader of the Cardiff Council Liberal Democrats
Sep 26, 2018 8:09

The flags of EU countries flying.

Cardiff Liberal Democrats have withdrawn the motion they submitted for debate at Thursday's council meeting in protest at Cardiff Council's refusal to allow a debate on the People's Vote.

Cardiff’s councillors should be allowed to debate a People's Vote.

The Liberal Democrats believe people deserve the final say on Brexit.

We wanted Councillors in this proudly European city to have the chance to support a People’s Vote, including the option to remain in the EU.

We can't go ahead when the Lord Mayor removed all references to a People’s Vote.

The Lib Dems will continue to fight on this. We won’t be silent as this catastrophe unfolds at the hands of a crumbling Tory government, supported by arch-Brexiter, Corbyn, whose mealy-mouthed cowardice is doing untold damage to the Remain campaign.

A Labour amendment, which simply calls on the Council to make appropriate plans in the case of no-deal Brexit, is extraordinary.

Surely the council is already planning how to deal with the consequences of a bad deal or no deal. They don’t need a motion to do so.

If they’re not preparing for such eventualities at the moment, then Labour are failing the people of Cardiff.

Both the Lib Dem motion and Labour amendment called on the UK Government to release additional departmental information and analyses about the impact Brexit could have on local businesses and communities.

I’m pleased Labour endorsed our view that we need all the facts to hand as we prepare for the worst.

However, in light of this consensus, I don’t think we need a debate to begin this work. Just get on with it.

If you agree that the people should have the final say on Brexit, including the option to remain, join our campaign.

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