Cardiff Council budget proposals - Lib Dems respond

Cardiff’s Liberal Democrats say they will test the city’s forthcoming budget against three simple objectives: does it give a stronger role to the city’s charity and voluntary sector; will it deal with the crippling congestion that is costing Cardiff a fortune, and will it improve the health and happiness of the least well-off in the city.

“We know Council Tax is going to rise again, which is unsurprising when your consider Labour’s failure over the past six years to deliver on its savings,” said Cllr Joe Boyle, leader of Cardiff’s Lib Dems. “But that pales into insignificance when you consider this city is calculated by traffic specialists Inrix to be losing a £1bn a year due to congestion.”

“The appalling state of our roads is bad for business, bad for the planet and bad for our health.

“Bus services are vanishing, business is losing money, CO2 emissions are rising.

“And still the new bus station remains nothing more than a series of architect’s drawings.

“We’re hearing plenty of grandiose schemes for convention centres and a sparkly new County Hall. What matters most, however, is whether people feel healthy, valued and connected to their communities.

“Unfortunately, a recent population needs assessment showed that health inequalities are worsening, loneliness is on the increase and parts of Cardiff are some of the most deprived in all of Wales.

“We shall therefore judge this budget not on whether the leaders of the council get nice views from the top of their new County Hall but on whether it deals with the issues that matter most to people: to be safe and free from suffering, to be happy and healthy and to be at ease in their communities.”

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