6,000 Cardiff carers to miss out on carers' bonus

Rhys has joined calls to not tax the £500 carers bonus, which would see around 6,000 carers in Cardiff miss out.

The Welsh Government introduced a £500 bonus for carers as a thank you payment to recognise their hard work and dedication during the pandemic. As many as 6,000 people in Cardiff could receive this payment.

The UK Treasury has refused to make the payment without a tax exemption meaning many will see many receive a vastly reduced sum and carers on Universal Credit could lose out due to the way the benefit is calculated. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been pushing for the Chancellor to scrap the tax on this payment.

Leader of Cardiff Liberal Democrat council group and Senedd candidate for Cardiff North Rhys Taylor said:

“Our carers have been overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated for too long. The £500 thank you payment, announced by the Welsh Government in May, is to recognise and reward their dedication and service during this pandemic.

“It’s shocking that our hard-working carers are seeing their COVID thank you payment whittled away - all due to this cruel Tory Government’s heartless inaction and insistence upon taxing the payment.

“Rishi Sunak could resolve this situation in an instant, by simply announcing that the payment won’t be taxed or included in Universal Credit calculations. The fact he hasn’t done so yet is an insult to carers across Wales.

“If you agree with me that our carers have gone above and beyond during this pandemic, please go to www.welshlibdems.wales/open-letter and sign up to support our campaign.”


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