Cardiff City Deal plans lack 'any real sense of accountability', say Lib Dems

Responding to the Growth and Competitiveness Commission Report, Cardiff Liberal Democrat Opposition Leader Judith Woodman has raised concerns about lack of democratic accountability in the City Deal's governance.

Cllr Judith Woodman said: "Labour know that their years of inaction have left Cardiff missing out while other UK cities have forged ahead. Unfortunately, in their panic to catch up, they have neglected to propose a plan that includes any real sense of democratic accountability.

“Glasgow’s bid was finalised over two years ago, yet thanks to Labour’s inaction in City Hall and Cardiff Bay ours will not be 'established' until 2020 at the very earliest. But that is not an excuse to fail to set in place any proper governance procedure.

"The Metro was first announced by the Welsh Labour Government four years ago, yet there are no firm plans for new stations in South Wales. Businesses and homes are being built before the transport infrastructure is planned, nevermind built.

"There are more than 500 Councillors in the Cardiff City Region yet this City Deal proposes handing over the power to make decisions about how £1.2bn of public money is spent to just 10 people. In the entire report, only two pages were devoted to how the City Deal will be governed.

"I hope that as the City Deal moves forward, more robust governance procedures are introduced with extensive involvement for elected Councillors."

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