Cardiff Lib Dems react to Brexit vote

Reacting to the results of the European referendum, Cllr Judith Woodman, Leader of Cardiff's Liberal Democrats, said:
"I am proud that Cardiff voted to Remain in Europe by such a large margin, but I'm upset that the rest of Wales and the UK has not chosen to follow.

"This is not the result that our city, nor my party, wanted. I'm sure I join many in feeling anxious and worried about what this means for the people and businesses that make up our great city.

"In this uncertain time, it's vital that our Council works together with the Welsh Government and councils across the City Region to ensure the best deal for Cardiff. We need clarity over the future of projects like the South Wales Metro, and even the entire City Deal, which were underpinned by EU money.

"Finally, I want to appeal to the 60% of Cardiff residents who voted Remain yesterday. Liberal Democrats led a positive campaign to stay within the EU because we share your values and vision of an open, inclusive and outward-looking society. I call on you to join us and help us heal the divisions created by this referendum."

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