Urgent need for Citizens' Assembly say Cardiff Lib Dems

Cardiff Liberal Democrats are warning that the lack of public consultation and engagement on the scale and pace of change needed to move the city out of lockdown risks setting the city back.

Citizens' Assemblies are a body of citizens brought together to deliberate on issues of importance, they employ a cross section of the public to study options and propose answers through rational and reasonable discussion and through inquiry of experts.

They aim to rebuild trust in the political process by enabling people to take direct ownership. Citizens Assemblies are representative and inclusive, allow for increased cognitive diversity, breach the border of direct democracy and allow for deliberation.

Cardiff Liberal Democrats' vision is for a greener, healthier and fairer Cardiff where everyone has every opportunity to get ahead. The Lib Dem council group had submitted a motion to be debated in July calling for a Citizens' Assembly.

Commenting Cardiff Liberal Democrat Leaders Cllr Rhys Taylor and Cllr Emma Sandrey said:

"Coronavirus has shown how reliant we are on each other to get ahead, and what we can achieve when we work together. It has shown that we are all stronger when our public services are strongest.

"It has also demonstrated the importance of recognising that there is no going back to the way things were. We are entering a critical moment; we have one chance to deliver meaningful and lasting positive change for our city.

"But we have to bring people with us. In the rush to get things done since March, people have felt shut out, ignored and forgotten. That risks setting us back and taking big issues and aspirations around public transport and re-shaping economy off the table.

"Whether we agree with the aims and objectives of proposed changes or not, it isn't right that change is implemented in such a top-down manner. The last few months have been a huge period of change, we now need to start listening to what people want for the future."

Show your support for a Cardiff Citizens' Assembly by signing the petition.

You can read the proposed motion in full here.

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