Clean up City Road say local Lib Dems

Cardiff Liberal Democrats have launched a new campaign to clean up City Road, after years of neglect by the current Labour council.

The party's three-point plan will help secure the future development and growth of the area:

  1. Cleaning up the street by providing more rubbish and recycling bins, redoubling street cleaning services, and cracking down on businesses which break the rules
  2. Taking action on the former Gaiety cinema, as well as other derelict and disused sites, to bring them back into use and tackle unsightly graffiti
  3. Improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists, by more stringently enforcing parking restrictions and introducing more facilities for cycling


Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Robin Rea said:
"The BBC documentary examining the lives of City Road's residents and business owners, has shown just how vibrant and diverse our community is. But it also showed clearly just how messy and neglected the street has become thanks to Labour's inaction.
"Residents will look at high streets in areas like Pontcanna and Whitchurch, and think that quite frankly City Road could be much better. Through littered streets, uneven paving and derelict buildings, it's clear that City Road and the surrounding area are being let down by a Labour council that can't even get the basics right.
"I want City Road to become a great, welcoming destination, and one which sits well amongst its local community. The diversity and quality of the restaurants and shops that are already in the street show what potential is has to be a great asset to the area. Just think how much more attractive it could be with a pleasant environment, clean surroundings and safer routes to walk and cycle."

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