Crime Prevention Advice this Christmas

Every year many families suffer from theft at Christmas time. Here are some convenient tips for how you can keep your house and possessions safe this year


  1. Never leave gifts under your Christmas Tree in the window.

  2. Do not overload power points when using Christmas tree Lights

  3. Do not advertise house parties.

  4. Use all locks on windows and doors even when your house is occupied.

  5. Mark all new electrical goods with a UV marker pen or Smart Water.

  6. Check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours on a regular basis.

When going to bed take your handbag/wallet and keys upstairs with you. 


  1. When shopping always conceal your PIN number when paying with a credit or debit card.

  2. If you HAVE to leave shopping in your car, lock it in the boot out of sight.

  3. Always park your car in a well lit area away from pillars in a car park.

  4. Whenever possible, reverse into position in a car park.

  5. Beware of pickpockets in busy stores and markets.

  6. Before going away ensure that you cancel deliveries of milk and newspapers

  7. Ask a trusted neighbour or relative to ensure that all mail and circulars are pushed through your letter box.

  8. Sweep up fallen leaves and debris from your garden.

  9. Lock all rear doors, gates, garden sheds and garages.

  10. Use a timer to switch on lights at different times upstairs and downstairs.

  11. Use a timer to switch on a radio or television at random times.

  12. Display a Neighbourhood Watch Sticker on a visible window.

  13. Trading standards can provide a sticker to warn cold or bogus callers for use on a window.

  14. Notify a trusted neighbour that you will be away over the Christmas Period.

  15. Notify your local Police or Community Support Officer that your property will be empty, and if you have a nominated key holder.

  16. Never drink alcohol and drive.


Have a happy, safe Christmas.

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