Cardiff's Carbon Emission are Unsustainable - Willott

2006 Hydref 27 1:39 PM

Dramatic new figures revealed by the Welsh Liberal Democrats show that Cardiff is doing better than the country as a whole in keeping down emissions of the gases that cause climate change, but is still emitting 3 times as much carbon dioxide as the global average.

As part of the Liberal Democrat campaign for a green tax switch - taxing pollution not people - the Welsh Liberal Democrats have published figures showing the carbon emissions per head of population in the city, and how this compares to the national and global averages.

Jenny Willott MP said:

"With a population of over 315,000, Cardiff is emitting 2.3 million tonnes of tonnes of carbon each year on the latest official figures. This puts us at 7.3 tonnes of carbon per person per year, over 20% less than the UK average of 9.3 tonnes per person, but still way above the global average of around 2.5 tonnes per person.

"This is a creditable record, but we need to go further to get down to a sustainable level that will stop climate chaos, rising sea levels and storms.

"The good news is that the technology is already there to do so by shifting to low carbon cars, saving energy in the home, and cutting down oil and gas at work.

"Cardiff Lib Dems are handing out leaflets today for the Green Tax Switch stall run on Albany Rd in Cardiff, offering practical advice on how to make simple lifestyle changes that will not only help to save the planet, but will also save the people of Cardiff money.

"Through simple things like turning down the thermostat, using energy saving light bulbs and not leaving appliances on standby we can all help to save the environment and cut our energy bills. I urge everybody to make at least one commitment to energy saving today.

"All the main political parties now agree that we have to tackle climate change, but only the Liberal Democrats have put forward firm plans to help us change our behaviour through tax incentives."

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