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Cardiff Liberal Democrats

Cathays Focus Team will fight against Texaco garage flats

2006 Rhagfyr 23 12:00 AM
Cllr. Joseph Carter and Cllr. Simon Wakefield oppose Somerfield development

No new flats: Local councillors Joe Carter and Simon Wakefield are joined by owner of Shop and Save, in opposing plans to build flats on the Texaco petrol station site.

The Cathays Focus Team is supporting local residents and shopkeepers in fighting against plans to demolish the Texaco garage and build a Somerfield supermarket and 14 flats.

The owners of Shop and Save on Cathays Terrace have submited a petition containing hundreds of signatures to the council. The vast majority of people simply don't want a supermarket and flats built on this site.

Local councillor Simon Wakefield said, "The development looks likely to go to the planning committee on 17th January 2007. The Lib Dems will continue to oppose this development and we aim to show the committee why these flats would be inappropriate on this site."