A Roadmap to Pensions Justice

2007 Rhagfyr 18 12:00 AM

Commenting on the written statement from Peter Hain announcing reforms to the Financial Assistance Scheme, Jenny Willott MP said:

"At last it seems the Government has seen the error of its ways, and set out a road map towards a fair and just pensions settlement for ASW workers.

"We will have to wait until the New Year to see the full details, but it appears that ASW workers, and over 130,000 others, will be getting a pensions deal in line with others under the PPF.

"I particularly welcome the commitment to providing 90% of people's accrued pensions with inflation linking and a tax-free sum. However, I am concerned that there is no mention made of widowers' benefits, and will be urging the government to include them in the final deal.

"This pensions saga has gone on for too long. The Government must bring these new measures in swiftly and efficiently so that ASW workers can finally enjoy the financially secure future that they worked and saved for."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?