We would all be safer with 500 extra Police Community Support Officers on our streets say Lib Dems

2007 Ionawr 12 8:59 AM
John Dixon by Llanishen Police Station

John Dixon wants to see more PCSOs

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Regional spokesperson for South Wales Central, Cllr. John Dixon, has backed his party's plans to make our streets safer by putting an extra 500 extra Police Community Support Officers on the beat across Wales.

Cllr. John Dixon said, "It has never been more important to protect our communities, starting with more law enforcement officers on our streets, than it is now.

"We have all experienced disappointment with the way our local police force has been treated, suffering from funding gaps imposed by Westminster's bungled merger plan that Labour refuse to fill.

"We need to do everything possible to let people know their communities are safe and secure, which is why the Welsh Liberal Democrats will make sure that funding is available for communities across Wales to request up to 500 extra community support officers.

"PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) do a great job at the heart of our communities. They offer a visible presence in ensuring community safety and help the police in preventing and tackling crime.

"Pride in our communities is at the heart of the Welsh Liberal Democrat approach to politics. Making sure that we have safe, secure communities is a vital part of that. Increasing street policing through extra officers will offer peace of mind and support to villages and towns right across the country."


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