Council agrees plans to build a new Cathays Library

2007 Chwefror 23 9:15 AM
Cllr. Wakefield, Cllr. Aylwin and Cllr. Carter outside Cathays Library

A brand new library for Cathays: Local campaigners Cllr. Simon Wakefield, Cllr. Jon Aylwin and Cllr. Joseph Carter have welcomed Lib Dem plans to invest in a brand new Cathays Library, after years of Labour neglect and under investment in our current one

Cardiff's Liberal Democrat controlled council has proposed investing £250,000 on building a new Library in Cathays.

At the March budget meeting, the Lib Dems will propose spending £40,000 between 2007 and 2009 drawing up plans and preparing for the move, and then in 2009 £250,000 will be spent on a new library.

Cathays Library is a prestigious, listed building but has been neglected for decades and is very expensive to maintain. The Liberal Democrat controlled council wants to build a new Library on the site of Cathays Community Centre on Cathays Terrace.

Local Liberal Democrat councillors are delighted by the plans.

County Councillor Joseph Carter said, "Cathays Community Centre want to redevelop their site and provide more services to local people. A new Library would fit in well these plans."

"Under the previous Labour administration, the future of Cathays Library was always uncertain. Now the Lib Dems are delivering a new Library that will serve future generations to come."

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