Labour vote against more Police Community Support Officers in Wales

2007 Chwefror 27 3:00 PM

In today's Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly debate on policing and crime, Labour AMs voted out proposals to increase PCSOs and campaign for greater devolution of policing and prisons.

Jenny Randerson, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Cardiff Central, said, "I'm disappointed Labour voted against our proposals to make Wales safer.

"I know that public fear and perception of crime and anti-social behaviour remains high. It is important to make ensure that people feel safe in their communities. A vital part of this is having a visible police presence, whether police officers or Police Community Support Officers.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats wanted funding plans in place to enable the recruitment of 500 additional PCSOs over the next four years, but Labour AMs ensured our motion was voted out."

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats wanted to ensure funding is available for PCSOs, when and where local people and the police want them.

John Dixon, the Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson for South Wales Central, said, "I want Welsh police forces to get a fair deal on funding so they can get on with doing their job - keeping Welsh communities safe.

"Labour like to talk tough when it comes to crime and anti-social behaviour, but today they rejected an opportunity to take effective action for a safer Wales."



NDM3492 Kirsty Williams (Brecon and Radnorshire)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

Calls on the Assembly Government to:

a) Put funding plans in place to enable the recruitment of 500 additional PCSOs over the next four years;

b) Lobby the Home Office to fully refund police forces in Wales for any money spent on the aborted police merger process;

c) Lobby the Westminster Government to apply the Barnett Formula to the funding it provides for police forces in Wales;

d) Call on the Westminster Government to abandon plans for ID Cards and spend the money instead on paying for more police officers;

e) Further develop restorative justice schemes; and

f) Argue the case for the devolution of powers on policing and prisons to the National Assembly for Wales.

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