Cathays Focus Team launches rubbish and recycling survey

2007 Mehefin 4 12:00 AM

The Cathays Focus Team have launched a rubbish and recycling survey in the Colum Road and Blackweir area to see what residents think of the current recycling system.

All of Cathays is covered by a "tri-bag" recycling system, which uses black bags for general rubbish, green bags for recycling and white bags for composting. However the Cathays Focus Team has been contacted by residents living on North Road and Colum Road asking for properties to be given wheelie bins.

Many of the properties on North Road and Colum Road have been converted into 6 or more bedroom student houses and produce 7-8 bags of rubbish a week. Some residents think that wheelie bins would provide someone for residents to store this rubbish and stop seagulls and rats from causing havoc.

Joseph Carter, Welsh Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Cathays, commented, "The survey will allow residents to have their say on whether they think the current tri-bag system of recycling is working in this part of Cathays. If people are happy with the existing tri-bag scheme then nothing will change."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?