Mynacdy Coal Yard - update

2011 Ebrill 6 12:00 AM
Mynachdy Road protest

Protesters against the original application for Mynachdy Coal Yard, back in 2007.

Residents in Mynachdy may have already heard about planning application #11/529/DCI, which relates to the former coal yard behind Mynachdy Road.

Back in 2007, permission was granted for 73 flats at the site. That agreement is now due to lapse, and the developer has asked for a time extension to the permission for the site.

Local councillor, Ed Bridges said: "I am concerned about the developer's plans for the site. We asked for a meeting with the developer last year so we could outline the feelings of the local community about the site, but we received no response to our request. Since then, there have been ongoing problems with anti-social behaviour at the site and the gates being left open."

Lib Dem Assembly candidate, Matt Smith, said: "The local Lib Dem Team are alarmed that the developer seems unwilling to engage with the community about the future of the site. This new application underlines the uncertainty over what is actually going to happen at the location. Rest assured, we will be objecting to the new application in order to highlight the neglect shown to the site by the developer and the contempt they have shown for local residents."

Llandaff North councillor, and Mynachdy resident, Jacqui Hooper added: "As always, if any resident would like to discuss the application in more detail, they are very welcome to get in touch."

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