Whitchurch Road Sainsbury’s – update

2011 Ebrill 10 12:00 AM

Liberal Democrats in Gabalfa ward have been working hard on behalf of residents over plans for a Sainsbury's shop at the former Maskreys site on Whitchurch Road.

Local Lib Dem councillor, Ed Bridges, met recently with representatives from Sainsbury's last month to talk about their plans for the site and to put across some of the concerns which local residents had raised about the logistics of the site.

Ed told us: "I was pleased that some of the major concerns of residents are being looked at by Sainsbury's. In particular, they will be trying to secure a loading bay at the front of the shop, rather than try to have deliveries via the existing loading zone in Manor Street. We know from the Co-Op further up Whitchurch Road that supermarket lorries loading in side streets can cause massive problems, so this is tangible progress. I will be doing all I can to restrict loading times to 6-8am in the morning so that rush hour traffic is not disrupted on Whitchurch Road."

The Lib Dem Focus Team also understand that shop area will occupy around half of the ground floor of the site, and that the flats above the shop will be provided with some dedicated parking spaces at the rear of the site. As yet, no application has been lodged for the flats, but the Focus Team will keep residents posted via this website.

Cardiff North's Lib Dem candidate for the Assembly election, Matt Smith, added: "We still have some residual concerns over parking congestion from Sainsbury's, and we will continue to put forward residents' views over the issue."

In the meantime, an application (ref: 11/437/DCI) has been submitted for a works compound at the rear of the store. Any resident wishing to view the plans can do so at City Hall.

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