Halfway there! Mynachdy Road part-resurfaced - but will the rest follow?

2011 Mehefin 5 5:46 PM
Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges on Mynachdy Road

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden will be fighting to get ALL of Mynachdy Road resurfaced.

The Gabalfa Focus Team were pleased to see that, following a long and hard-fought campaign, Cardiff Council were resurfacingMynachdy Roadrecently.

But that satisfaction turned sour when they discovered that they were only resurfacing the bottom end of the street!

Local activist, Gareth Holden, told us: "We've campaigned for years on this issue, submitting petitions and writing endless letters to the Council - so it was good to see that work paying off. But it seems extraordinary that they only did half the road - and arguably did the section which was in better condition!"

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Cllr. Cathy Pearcy have contacted the Council to raise the issue. The Council have now said that they will aim to resurface the other half of the street before the end of the current financial year.

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?