Landlord prosecution success

2011 Gorffenaf 14 11:07 AM

The Cathays Focus Team can report that a Cathays' landlord has been successfully prosecuted by Cardiff Council for renting unsafe and unlicensed properties.
Mr Mohammad Malik was found guilty at a Crown Court hearing of failing to meet fire safety standards and to licence properties in Treherbert Street, Rhymney Street and Salisbury Road. Mr Malik was ordered by the Court to pay fines and costs totalling £7,200.
Cathays Focus Team campaigner Jon Aylwin told us: "This prosecution sends a strong message to landlords in Cathays that they must ensure the good quality of their houses and apply to the Council for a licence."
The Council is now considering whether Mr Malik should be disqualified from being able to be a landlord altogether in Cathays. If this happens the Council will revoke all licences granted to Mr Malik and he would have to give the management of his properties to someone else.
Cathays Councillor Simon Pickard said: "As Liberal Democrat Councillors we are working hard to ensure that rented properties in Cathays are kept in a good condition. Last summer the Council launched a landlord regulation scheme which applies to shared rented houses in Cathays."

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