Councillor objects to development of 20 flats with just 5 parking spaces

2011 Awst 10 4:27 PM

Delme Greening is planning to object to the proposal to build a block of 20 flats with just 5 parking spaces. Butetown's Liberal Democrat Councillor Delme Greening is working with local residents to oppose the proposed development of 20 apartments on the corner of Clarence Road and Pomeroy Street.

A planning application has been submitted by Dovey Holdings Limited to demolish the former Sterling Works and Bethel Baptist Church on the corner of Pomeroy Street and Clarence Road and rebuild as a four story apartment complex of 20 (with 33 bedrooms). Only 5 parking spaces will be provided as part of the development.

Local residents are concerned about the increased parking problems and traffic issues that this development will cause in what are already very congested streets.

Councillor Delme Greening said: "This is clearly an overdevelopment of this site. Parking is already a major problem in the area and the fact that the developer is providing only 5 spaces for a development that will have 33 bedrooms is clearly not acceptable."

"I know many local residents are joining me in opposing these proposals and local residents have submitted a petition against these plans. What is needed in our area is more affordable social housing including family homes. This overdevelopment will seriously impact on the quality of life for residents in this part of Butetown."

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