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Councillors secure alley-gating consultation in Plasnewydd & Roath

2011 Tachwedd 1 9:35 AM

In response to a number of requests from residents, local Liberal Democrat councillors have been pressing the council to take forward proposals for an alley-gating scheme for the back lanes in this area.

We are pleased to report that following a recent meeting between local councillors and relevant council officers, it has now been agreed that a consultation with residents will be undertaken. If you haven't yet received a formal consultation letter from the council, then you should be receiving one soon.

The idea will be to find out if a majority of local residents would support the idea of gating off the local back lanes to help combat crime and anti-social behaviour. If a majority of residents support the idea then a scheme can be progressed. If gates are installed, all properties adjacent to any lane that is gated would be provided with a key.

The policy of alley-gating was introduced by Cardiff's Liberal Democrat council a couple of years ago. In those parts of the city where gates have been introduced to date, it has proved to be very successful in helping to stop crime and problems like fly-tipping. As your local councillors, we are therefore pleased to have been able to secure a commitment for a scheme to be considered here. We look forward to finding out the views of local residents in response to the council's consultation.