Success! Mynachdy Road resurfacing to be completed next week

2012 Ionawr 14 3:33 PM
Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges by Mynachdy Road - work about to begin

Thanks to Gareth and Ed's efforts, the top end of Mynachdy Road will be resurfaced next week.

After years of campaigning, the top end of Mynachdy Road will be resurfaced on Monday thanks to the Gabalfa Focus Team.

Cllr. Ed Bridges said: "For many years, we have called for the resurfacing of Mynachdy Road. We have raised questions about the issue at Cardiff Council meetings, we have petitioned the Highways Department and we have reported countless potholes to show how bad the road surface has got. The bottom end of the road was resurfaced last year following our pressure. We are pleased to report that work will start on Monday to finish the job by resurfacing the top end closest to North Road."

Local campaigner, Gareth Holden, added: "This is excellent news for our area, and shows that sustained pressure from local representatives can pay off and change our area for the better."

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