Mynachdy bus SAVED!

2012 Chwefror 25 5:00 PM
Gareth Holden and Cllr. Ed Bridges by Mynachdy bus stop

Ed and Gareth are delighted that Cardiff's Lib Dem council have safeguarded the number 37 bus which runs through Mynachdy - despite cuts from the Welsh Labour Government.

Many Mynachdy residents were appalled to learn that the number 37 bus service was placed under threat recently because of cuts by the Welsh Labour Government.

Labour bosses in Cardiff Bay had slashed Cardiff's Local Transport Grant by nearly 30%, meaning that the future of many community bus services was threatened. However, following prompt action by the Lib Dems, the service has been safeguarded for the coming financial year.

Local Lib Dem councillor, Ed Bridges, said: "At a time of tough choices, I am proud that we have saved the vital 37 bus service in Mynachdy, in the face of Labour's funding cuts. We have shown that we will protect services when other parties would slash them."

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