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Cardiff Liberal Democrats

Talybont Gate plans GRANTED despite resident petition

2012 Mai 28 5:18 PM
Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden by Talybont Gate

Cllrs. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden are disappointed that the Welsh Labour Government has granted permission for 179 student flats on land at Talybont Gate, near to McDonald's at Excelsior Road.

The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team have expressed their disappointed after controversial plans for 179 student flats on land at Talybont Gate were granted by the Welsh Labour Government.

The plans had initially been refused by Cardiff Council last year following a campaign by Cllr. Gareth Holden and Cllr. Ed Bridges, which included a petition being submitted on behalf of local residents. The petition highlighted residents' concerns about parking congestion in the streets around Cross Place and Parkfield Place, and also drew attention to the 'overbearing impact' of the proposed seven-storey block.

Gareth Holden, Lib Dem councillor for Gabalfa ward, said: "This is very disappointing for local residents. The Planning Inspector who has overturned the refusal of permission isn't going to have to live with the consequences of this decision - but we are. The extra parking pressure it will create is simply unacceptable. It's a shocking decision."

Cllr. Ed Bridges added: "Our area has been betrayed by the Welsh Labour Government. In the run-up to the local elections, Labour were claiming to be against this sort of development - so why have they waved it through after Cardiff Council had stood up for what the community wanted?"