Jenny Willott MP visits National Slimming Clinic in Cardiff

2012 Hydref 19 12:30 PM

Obesity Management Association affiliated Cardiff National Slimming Clinic recently welcomed Jenny Willott, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, to the clinic to learn more about the work they doing to tackle obesity in the constituency. The Cardiff clinic works to combat obesity by employing a dual approach of behavioural interventions and medical solutions and urges patients to take individual responsibility for their weight.

Jenny spoke to Doctor Smillie and a patient who had successfully lost 5 stone by following the treatment given by the clinic.

According to IWA, Wales's leading independent think tank, it is predicted that 85% of adults will be overweight/obese by 2020 if remedial action is not taken. Obesity has more than doubled in 25 years and it is predicted by 2050 that 60% of men and 50% of women in Britain could be obese. Wales is the most overweight country within the United Kingdom.

Speaking after the visit, Jenny Willott MP said:

"My visit to the clinic was extremely interesting. Obesity is going to be a significant problem for society and the NHS in the future and we need to look at tackling it in different ways. The Cardiff clinic is clearly making a real difference to some people. The gentleman I spoke to had tried a wide variety of ways to lose weight over the years without success, but he found the combination of medical support, counselling and diet advice that is on offer at the clinic made a huge difference. It clearly worked for him and I hope it works for others too."

This is the latest visit organised by the OMA to educate elected representatives about the success of removing the burden on the NHS.

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