Why I’m backing energy efficiency measures this winter

2012 Tachwedd 20 2:34 PM

You don't need me to tell you that energy bills are a hot topic, causing genuine concern for people ahead of the cold weather really setting in. Whilst the debate about why and who is to blame warms up, I want to see what practical ways people can keep control of their energy bills. That is why I am impressed by the "Hole in the Roof" campaign, run by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council. They are offering an easy to use website www.holeintheroof.org.uk which provides practical and affordable ways to keep warm and cut costs this winter.

This is the sort of practical advice, backed up by hard evidence that I think people want to have access to. I know the campaign is supported by environmentalists like Tony Juniper, DIY SOS designer Charlie Luxton, financial experts like Jasmine Birtles and Dr Ros Altmann the Director-General of Saga.

Simple ideas, like reducing the temperature on your thermostat could help you save hundreds of pounds; cutting out draughts from doors and windows or fitting reflective foil behind radiators all save money and they are good for the environment too. I'm certainly going to make a change in my home and I hope others will follow suit.

It would be a real community service if you were able to pass on the message about saving energy and let friends and family know about this website too. That way we can all stay warm this winter and it will save us money too.

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?