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Agreement secured over future of Briardene site

2013 Ionawr 12 12:00 AM
Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges by Briardene

Gareth and Ed are standing up for residents over the future of the former road safety centre at Briardene.

The Gabalfa Focus Team have been working hard over recent months to represent local residents over the future of the Briardene site on North Road.

There were outline planning applications to build flats in 2009 and 2011 on the former road safety centre, as well as discussions with various groups interested in using the land for community purposes.

A report went to Cardiff Council's Cabinet in October, and they agreed (against the wishes of Cllrs. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden) that the site should not be given over to community use. However, your Lib Dem councillors have since met with council officials to secure several agreements over the future of the site.

Cllr. Ed Bridges explained: "The major agreement is that the council will use some of the land at Briardene to extend Maitland park, providing a tangible benefit to the local community. We will also push for the tall trees on the site boundary to be maintained. We have also persuaded the council not to allow a development bigger than the 48 flats which were given outline permission in 2011 - a major victory, given that a private developer might have pushed for a more intensive use of the land."

Cllr. Gareth Holden added: "The council have also taken further steps to secure the site, following damage to the buildings over recent months. Ultimately, it may be necessary for the red-brick building to be demolished if it continues to be targeted by vandals - but this will only happen following the due planning process so that the public have an opportunity to put forward their comments."

Ed and Gareth are committed to work with Cardiff Council to make sure that the best deal is struck for the local community around Briardene, and have secured an agreement that there will be further consultation with residents. However, nothing is going to happen with the land soon - indeed, it could take several years for any firm plans to be agreed and acted upon. As always, we'll keep you posted through our Focus newsletter.