SUCCESS - application for 24-hour off-licence on Whitchurch Road REFUSED

2013 Mai 31 6:09 PM
Cllr. Ed Bridges and Eluned Parrott AM on Whitchurch Road

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Eluned Parrott AM have expressed their satisfaction that the Family Choice shop on Whitchurch Road will not be able to sell alcohol 24-7 as was proposed.

Residents in Gabalfa ward will be breathing a sigh of relief after proposals for a 24-hour off-licence on Whitchurch Road were refused thanks to pressure from local Lib Dems.

It had been suggested that the new Family Choice shop opposite Ysgol Mynydd Bychan would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, following a detailed written objection from Cllr. Ed Bridges and Eluned Parrott AM (and Independent councillor Gareth Holden), the hours of the premises will be restricted. The matter was considered at a Licensing Sub-Committee hearing on Friday morning, at which Cllr. Ed Bridges set out the concerns of the 20+ residents who had written in to make an objection.

Ed said: "The simple fact is that there is no precedent for late hour like these in the neighbourhood, and there was huge local concern about the application - as evidenced by a mountain of objections from local residents. I am pleased that, as a result of our concerns, the opening hours have been restricted and the shop can only open between 6am-11pm, with alcohol to be sold only from 9am-11pm. This puts the premises in line with other local outlets like Co-Op, Sainsbury's and the Post Office, and reflects the comments made by many residents in their letters of objection."

Neither the Labour AM for Cardiff North, nor our Tory MP, made any comment on the proposals.

The local Lib Dem Focus Team will continue to work to try and reduce the number of late-night premises opening on Whitchurch Road, in line with the concerns which have been raised by residents.

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