Jenny Willott MP backs free schools meals for Wales

2013 Medi 24 1:17 PM

Jenny with headteacher and pupils

Jenny Willott, Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, has called on the Welsh Labour government to use the money which Wales will receive as a result of last week's school meals announcement in England, to be used to fund a similar scheme in Wales.

Under the Barnett Formula, Nick Clegg's announcement last week of free school meals for every child in infant schools in England means Wales is set to receive around £30m. This is money which the Welsh Liberal Democrats, including Jenny Willott, would like to see spent on a similar scheme for children in Wales.

Commenting on the announcement, Jenny Willott MP said:

"I wrote to both Michael Gove and Cardiff Council as part of National School Meals Week in July this year to call for every primary and special school pupil to be given a taster free school dinner. I am delighted that the Liberal Democrats in Government have managed to go one better and provide free school meals all year round for every child in infant schools in England.

"It is so important for school children to eat a healthy, nourishing meal in order to be able to grow and to achieve their potential in class, but of course this costs money.Families across the UK spend around £400 on school meals in a year. The announcement by Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrat conference last week will ease the pressures on the family budget. We want to see the Welsh Labour Government follow suit."

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