Willott Welcomes Increased Sentences for Dog Attacks

2013 Hydref 30 11:31 AM


Cardiff Central MP Jenny Willott has welcomed proposals announced yesterday by the Coalition Government to increase the maximum sentences for those found guilty of allowing their dogs to kill or injure a person or assistance dog.

Under current law, the maximum sentence for a dog being dangerously out of control and a dog killing or injuring a person or an assistance dog is two years imprisonment.

Following a public consultation, the Coalition Government has brought forward proposals to increase sentences which are proportionate to the offence and bring them in line with similar offences committed without the use of a dog, bringing the maximum sentence for causing a death because of a dog attack up to 14 years imprisonment.

Commenting on the Coalition's proposal, Jenny Willott said:

"I am delighted that we are finally bringing the punishment for dog attacks in line with the rest of the law: if you kill someone because of your dangerous driving you can get up to 14 years' imprisonment, and the maximum penalty for causing actual bodily harm is 5 years' imprisonment, yet if you let your dog savage someone the maximum sentence you could get was 2 years. That doesn't seem right to me.

"It is important that those who allow their dogs to attack other people, guide dogs or any assistance dogs are held to account. Dangerous dog attacks are worryingly common, and the victims of such incidents deserve justice. If you own a dog, you need to take responsibility for it."

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