Gabalfa parking petition - REJECTED!

2015 Ionawr 29 5:29 PM
Ashley Wood and Ed Bridges by parked cars

Ashley Wood and Cllr. Ed Bridges are disappointed that Cardiff's Labour council has rejected a petition calling for action on local parking congestion.

Cardiff Council have REJECTED calls by the Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus team for action on parking congestion.

Last year, Cllr. Ed Bridges and Ashley Wood compiled a lengthy petition which called for more resident-only parking locally. The Focus Team also explained to the council that residents felt that parking congestion is a major problem and that action was needed to make it easier for residents to park.

Cllr. Ed Bridges submitted the many hundreds of signatures to Cardiff Council - but the Focus Team have now been told that the ptition has been rejected by the Labour administration. In his response, the Labour Cabinet Member for Transport said that he "[sees] no advantage in consulting residents on an increase [in resident-only parking… and] would not expect to review this policy again before 2017."

Local campaigner, Ashley Wood, said: "This is very disappointing, and shows nothing but contempt for residents of our area and the very real problems residents experience with parking. We will continue to make this point to Cardiff Council and to argue against their position."

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