Fair Funding for South Wales Police

Jenny Willott MP is rallying all Welsh MPs to call for the Government to fund South Wales Police properly.

Jenny has uncovered figures showing that South Wales Police (SWP) is the most consistently underfunded police force in the UK.

The funding shortfall has recently resulted in SWP proposing to close four of Cardiff's police stations in Roath, Cathays, Canton, and Grangetown. Jenny has fought hard to save the police stations, but SWP had to make the cuts because of the underfunding by the Government.

Did you know?

To fight for fair funding for South Wales Police, Jenny has tabled an all-party Early Day Motion in Parliament, which calls on the Government to fully cover the policing costs for all Welsh forces, including extra costs for policing the Welsh capital city.

Jenny spoke at a public meeting over the planned closure of four of the city's central police stations

Campaigning to save four of Cardiff's police stations from closure at a public meeting on 1 May 2009

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