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  • The Gabalfa Focus Team is pleased to report that Cardiff Council is investing in repairs to the Gabalfa flyover.

    The work will see the resurfacing of the carriageway, and the replacement of expansion joints on the flyover.

    Local resident, Gareth Holden, said: "It's good to see that this work - costing something in the region on £200,000 - is being carried out by Cardiff's Lib Dem Council. After the last few severe winters, it's really important that there is investment in resurfacing poor-quality road surfaces in the area."

    Erthygl / 2012 Chwef 27
  • Gareth Holden and Cllr. Ed Bridges by Mynachdy bus stop

    Many Mynachdy residents were appalled to learn that the number 37 bus service was placed under threat recently because of cuts by the Welsh Labour Government.

    Labour bosses in Cardiff Bay had slashed Cardiff's Local Transport Grant by nearly 30%, meaning that the future of many community bus services was threatened. However, following prompt action by the Lib Dems, the service has been safeguarded for the coming financial year.

    Erthygl / 2012 Chwef 25
  • Cllr. Ed Bridges and his colleagues will be representing residents over plans for an off-licence at the former sandwich shop on Clodien Avenue

    The Gabalfa Focus Team spent much of the weekend speaking with residents around Clodien Avenue about proposals for an off-licence at the former Arjans sandwich shop.

    Cllr. Ed Bridges said: "An application for an alcohol licence has been submitted to for the premises at 147 Clodien Avenue. The application would see the premises licensed to sell alcohol for off-sales between 7am and 9pm Monday-Saturday, and 8am-8pm on Sundays."

    Erthygl / 2012 Chwef 13
  • Gareth Holden and Cllr. Ed Bridges by Cathays High

    The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team have called for Cardiff Council to address drainage problems on North Road which have seen pedestrians and cyclists getting soaked because of large puddles.

    Local councillor, Ed Bridges, said: "The problem seems particularly bad at the junction with Pen-y-Bryn Way and by the Gabalfa Clinic bus stop - and also near to Tesco, which is causing particular problems for the large number of Cathays High students who use the pavement on a daily basis"

    Erthygl / 2012 Chwef 9
  • Gabalfa Focus Team delivering in snow

    In cold snaps like the one this weekend, many people are confused about what they should or shouldn't do when it comes to snow clearance - but, as always, your local Lib Dems are at hand to clarify the situation!

    Because of some incidences of scaremongering in the media, some people falsely believe that householders or businesses who clear snow from in front of their properties are liable for any injury if someone falls. This is categorically NOT true.

    Erthygl / 2012 Chwef 5
  • Cllr. Ed Bridges with Whitchurch Road business owner, Roger Brown

    The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team are reminding residents to get behind their 'Shop Local' campaign to support independent retailers in our area.

    Local councillor, Ed Bridges, said: "We've got some fantastic independent shops right on our doorstep, and it's up to us as residents to support local traders if we want to keep a vibrant shopping area."

    Erthygl / 2012 Chwef 3
  • Gareth Holden and Cllr. Ed Bridges by Northlands

    Work is progressing on the new Salvation Army hostel at Northlands on North Road in Gabalfa ward.

    Local campaigners, Gareth Holden and Cllr. Ed Bridges continue to call for disruption to be kept to a minimum - especially for residents around Pen-y-Bryn Road and surrounding streets.

    Gareth, who lives on Pen-y-Bryn Road, said: "Permission for the redeveloped hostel and social housing was granted by the Welsh Labour Government after being initially refused by Cardiff Council's Planning Committee. The second phase of the development (for social housing by Pen-y-Bryn Place) will begin later this year. We want to make sure disruption is kept to a minimum - in particular, by ensuring that deliveries and construction traffic for the social housing development don't end up using residential side streets."

    Erthygl / 2012 Ion 28
  • Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges with petition by City Hall

    The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team have submitted two petitions to Cardiff Council to address concerns raised by local residents.

    At January's meeting of Cardiff Council, Cllr. Ed Bridges submitted a petition from residents of Cross Place, Herbert Street and Parkfield Place calling for more resident-only parking in the area. This is to address concerns raised during the recent planning application at Talybont over parking congestion in the local area.

    Erthygl / 2012 Ion 26
  • Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges by graffiti

    The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team have been taking action to get rid of graffiti in the streets around Africa Gardens.

    Following a spate of graffiti over recent months, the Focus Team have catalogued all the incidents locally and reported them to Cardiff Council to be removed.

    Local Lib Dem candidate, Gareth Holden, said: "We want to see 'The Colonies' around Africa Gardens, New Zealand Road and Canada Road, tidied up. The graffiti in the back lanes is a real eyesore and needs to be removed. Thanks to the free graffiti removal service by the Lib Dem council, this should happen over the next few weeks."

    Erthygl / 2012 Ion 22
  • Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges by Mynachdy Road - work about to begin

    After years of campaigning, the top end of Mynachdy Road will be resurfaced on Monday thanks to the Gabalfa Focus Team.

    Cllr. Ed Bridges said: "For many years, we have called for the resurfacing of Mynachdy Road. We have raised questions about the issue at Cardiff Council meetings, we have petitioned the Highways Department and we have reported countless potholes to show how bad the road surface has got. The bottom end of the road was resurfaced last year following our pressure. We are pleased to report that work will start on Monday to finish the job by resurfacing the top end closest to North Road."

    Erthygl / 2012 Ion 14

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