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  • Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden by former Maskreys shop on Whitchurch Road

    The Gabalfa Focus Team continue to stand up for residents over planning issues onWhitchurch Road.

    Local Lib Dem activists recently met with representatives from Sainsbury's to discuss their proposed new shop at the former Maskreys site.

    Local campaigner, Gareth Holden, said: "We relayed residents' concerns about parking and deliveries for the proposed new shop. Sainsbury's did make some welcome assurances about deliveries to the site, but we remain concerned about the logistics of the development."

    Erthygl / 2011 Meh 5
  • Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges by Millbank House

    The Gabalfa Focus Team have welcomed news that controversial plans for student flats on Cross Place have been withdrawn following local pressure.

    Earlier this year, an application was launched which would have seen the demolition of the existing structure at Millbank House, and the construction of a three storey block of 23 student flats. The move was unpopular, not least because of existing parking congestion in the area caused by tenants of the halls at Llys Talybont.

    Erthygl / 2011 Meh 5
  • The Gabalfa & Mynachdy Liberal Democrat Team has reacted with disappointment to news that another planning application for student flats has been submitted for land behindMynachdy Road.

    A previous application in 2010 for 345 student flats on the site was withdrawn following objections from Cllr. Ed Bridges and from local residents.

    Erthygl / 2011 Mai 20
  • Following a dialogue with local residents and park users earlier in the year, Gabalfa's Liberal Democrat Focus Team have now agreed with Cardiff Council's Parks Department the improvements which will be made to Maitland Park.

    Back in February, Cllr. Ed Bridges held a community meeting so that residents could make suggestions about how the park might be improved. This followed an announcement that Cardiff Council would be spending some £70,000 on the site - money which had come from various nearby developments to improve open space provision.

    Erthygl / 2011 Ebrill 22
  • Gabalfa's Lib Dem Focus Team wants local residents to be aware of two planning applications on Whitchurch Road.

    Application 11/655/DCI is seeking permission for Pizza Milano (200 Whitchurch Road) to be allowed to stay open until 11.30pm. This follows an unsuccessful application from earlier in the year for the premises to open until 3am. This was turned down following objections from Cllr. Ed Bridges and local residents.

    Erthygl / 2011 Ebrill 22
  • Liberal Democrats in Gabalfa ward have been working hard on behalf of residents over plans for a Sainsbury's shop at the former Maskreys site on Whitchurch Road.

    Local Lib Dem councillor, Ed Bridges, met recently with representatives from Sainsbury's last month to talk about their plans for the site and to put across some of the concerns which local residents had raised about the logistics of the site.

    Erthygl / 2011 Ebrill 10
  • Mynachdy Road protest

    Residents in Mynachdy may have already heard about planning application #11/529/DCI, which relates to the former coal yard behind Mynachdy Road.

    Back in 2007, permission was granted for 73 flats at the site. That agreement is now due to lapse, and the developer has asked for a time extension to the permission for the site.

    Erthygl / 2011 Ebrill 6
  • Cllr. Ed Bridges by Millbank House, Cross Place.

    Liberal Democrats in the Maindy area have expressed their concern about proposals for a new block of student flats in the area.

    A planning application (ref: 11/507/DCI) is seeking permission to redevelop Millbank House on Cross Place. The application would see the demolition of the existing structure and the construction in its place of a three-storey block of 23 student flats at the site. The adjacent Wrought Iron Centre would remain in its current form.

    Erthygl / 2011 Ebrill 3
  • Matt Smith by former Maskreys store on Whitchurch Road

    The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team understand that a first planning application has been received for a new Sainsbury's shop at the former Maskreys building on Whitchurch Road.

    Local Lib Dem Assembly candidate, Matt Smith, said: "An application has been submitted which seeks permission for an enclosure at the back of the shop to locate equipment for renovation work at the site. This would see a small section at the rear of the shop demolished. This application is likely to followed by a further planning application for the main works at the site, where we understand the upper storeys of the building will be converted into flats."

    Erthygl / 2011 Mawrth 22

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