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Jenny's Expenses

Since getting elected I have always voted for transparency in MPs' expenses, and have been extremely disappointed by the decisions of the House of Commons over the last few years not to reform the system ourselves. I also completely disagreed with the decision to fight the Freedom of Information requests, which have ultimately led to the publication of all documents.

I completely understand why the public is so disillusioned with politics and so angry.

Having said that, if we want a wide range of different people standing for Parliament, from a wide range of financial backgrounds, as MPs have to live and work in two places there needs to be a system that covers the cost of living in an extra place. I have always rented a flat in central London, I have not profited from the taxpayer by buying a property, and I have never flipped addresses. I've always put in receipts for claims, even when they were not needed, and since getting elected, I've had each claim checked by a senior member of my staff to make sure there were no errors and I was not claiming something unreasonable. I have done my best to ensure that I have been upfront and honest.

If you would like to see the details of my expenses please click on the link:

See my expenses

See Sir Thomas Legg's letter on my expenses

If you are a constituent and have any specific questions you would like me to answer, then please e-mail me on [email protected]