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Jenny Willott MP

Working for you all year round

Jenny Willott

What can your MP do for you?

The House of Commons Information Office publishes guides to what MPs do, including advice about surgeries. Some sections from this document are reproduced below. You can view the factsheet here:

MPs can assist their constituents in a variety of ways, from making private enquiries on your behalf, to raising matters publicly in the House of Commons.

Jenny can help you on issues relating to:

Jenny is not able to help with:

How does my MP deal with my problem?

Jenny can deal with problems of her constituents by:

These steps can often go a long way to providing a solution.

All the methods covered so far allow your problems to be kept confidential. If Jenny is not satisfied with the answers she receives she may raise the issue in the House of Commons in front of the public and press. This can be done through:

Ministers answer questions from MPs at the Dispatch Box during Departmental Question Time but there is a limit to the number of questions that can be asked. Jenny may also table a written question to the relevant Government department.

Jenny may also try to raise your problem in the half‐hour Adjournment Debate, which is usually the last business of the day, although again there will be competition amongst MPs for the right to raise matters on adjournment and she must be successful in a ballot or have her subject chosen by the Speaker.

A Westminster Hall debate is similar to an adjournment debate but does not take place in the main chamber but in a large committee room. A Deputy Speaker presides over proceedings and no votes take place.

At other times Jenny may prefer to draw attention to the matter in what is called an Early Day Motion, which is a written record of Jenny's opinion on the subject. This can then be used to gauge the support of her fellow MPs.

If Jenny becomes aware that your problem is a common one she may try to introduce a Private Member's Bill which is a Bill put forward by an individual MP, as opposed to a Government Minister. Only a small number of Private Member's Bills are successful but publicity is drawn to the issue and the Minister may be persuaded to make changes in the future.

If you and other people feel very strongly about a certain issue you may decide to organise a petition to the House of Commons. Your petition can only be presented by Jenny as your MP and must be arranged in a particular format.

Outside Parliament

Please contact Jenny if you would like her to speak at an event, pledge her support to a campaign, write to the local media on your behalf or visit your organisation.

How can you contact Jenny?

o Jenny Willott MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

o Jenny Willott MP, 38 The Parade, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3AD