Hamper money must be paid back

October 18, 2006 5:00 PM

Jenny Willott, has called for money to be repaid to customers of Farepak Hampers.

The company, which enables customers to pay instalments throughout the year towards a Christmas hamper, has gone into administration, and customers have been told that they will not receive either the hampers that they have been paying for all year, nor a refund.

Jenny Willott said, "When a company like this goes into administration, we must think of the customers who have paid into the scheme. If people have been paying money all year for goods, it is completely unfair for them now to receive nothing back, particularly when we are getting closer to Christmas.

"Some of my constituents have invested large sums of money into Farepak, and they cannot afford not to get anything for this money. For others, it is a way of planning Christmas expenditure in a way they can afford throughout the year. We shouldn't allow this company's bankruptcy to ruin the Christmas of those who have been careful with their money.

"The Government must now consider whether it has been adequately regulating this industry, to ensure that families, especially those on lower incomes, are protected."

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